Multi Durometer Tubing

Multi-Durometer Tubing Dual Durometer Tubing

New England Catheter’s assembly abilities coupled with our comprehensive extrusion capabilities enable the delivery of reinforced multi-durometer custom products. Producing tubes with multi-durometer sections with the addition of stainless steel braids or spiral reinforcements allows for varied kink resistance, flexibility and torque response over the length of one piece. This innovative process accompanied with braid reinforcement can produce a tube that has a stiff body section with a more flexible distal section while still maintaining a high torque response throughout the entire tube.  

Listed below are some general guidelines of our capabilities, however each order we process is custom designed and manufactured so please contact us today to get started on your project!

  • Tubing Styles - Single and Multi-Lumen
  • Reinforcement - None, Braid, Spiral
Tubing Wall Materials
  • FEP
  • PFA
  • ETFE
  • PEEK
  • Polyethylene
  • Pebax®
  • Polyurethane
  • Polyamide
  • Polyester
  • PVC
  • Grilamid®
  • Acetal
  • Others
Pebax® is a registered trademark of Arkema
Grilamid® is a registered trademark of EMS-Grivory
Outer Jacket Materials
  • Polyurethane
  • Polyamides
  • PVC
Braid Reinforced Materials
  • Round Wire (Small as 0.001” (0.025 mm)
  • Flat Wire (Small as 0.0003” x 0.002” (0.0076mm x 0.051 mm)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper and Copper Alloys
  • Nitinol
  • Textiles
  • High Strength Polymers
Braid Reinforcing Details
  • Ability to vary braid density which can change tubes flex characteristics over its length
  • Longitudinal members can be added to change linear and compressive strength of the tube
  • Provide cut length