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New England Catheter manufactures custom tubing to your exact specifications. The following tools have been designed to assist you in the first step to creating the perfect tubing solution for your specific application.

If you already have a specification, please upload it by clicking the Upload documents button. Please click on the Product Specifications Form button below to begin specifying your cable attributes and/or use the sketch pad for illustration. We will contact you shortly to discuss the details.

If your product will be exported from the U.S., you may expedite your request by downloading and filling out our Form 5010 End Use Statement; please e-mail it to upon completion. We will contact you shortly to discuss the details. 

Step 1: Do you already have specification documents?

Step 2: Do you want to sketch your idea?

Step 3: Do you know some of the exact specifications you are looking for?

Please select a product type and provide details on the attributes you know:

Step 4: Please provide your contact information:

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