Post Processing

Post Processing

Parylene Coating

Parylene coating provides a slippery, easily cleaned finished surface. Our custom-coating operation can apply a permanently bonded uniform film of 1µm thickness (or otherwise as specified). Applied by our skilled technicians this silky surface keeps products like tubing and wire from tangling or tugging on skin, hair or fabric. It does not attract debris, and is far easier to clean than uncoated soft TPE plastic.

The parylene grade used at New England Catheter offers optimum lubricity compared to other options, and is an inert, biocompatible dry lubricant that resists heat, radiation, solvents, fungus and bacteria growth. The coating is bonded to the catheter’s or cable’s outer layer, and at 1 µm, it adds virtually nothing to final dimensions.

Performance Characteristics and Custom Design Options:
  • Low friction (comfortable, ergonomic surface)
  • Biocompatible / inert transparent polymer
  • Sterilization / Autoclave stable
  • Extremely thin, no build to jacket OD
  • Crisp masked edges allow for durably bonded connections
  • Custom masking and thickness specifications readily incorporated into our process

Centerless Grinding

New England Catheter has the ability to accurately grind the outer diameter of reinforced tubes, providing a very precise diameter control and smoothing even the roughest extruded outer surface conditions. Our capabilities include thru-feed grinding where the entire length of catheter or tubing is finished on the grinder, and in-feed grinding that creates a smooth surface and decreases the diameter on one end or section of the tube.

Precision Cut to Length

New England Catheter has a variety of catheter and tube cutting methods to provide the proper cut and precise length that you are looking for. Our rotary cutters can provide an accurate cut with a standard deviation of 0.5% of length. Our programmable machines monitor and store process information, providing repeatable results.

Extruded Tube Annealing

Annealing uses a stress relieving cycle to straighten and minimize any internal stresses that may result from the manufacturing process. New England Catheter uses a precisely controlled and calibrated annealing oven to straighten both reinforced and unreinforced tubing products. This oven is capable of straightening parts up to 100 inches in length and annealing processes of up to 500°F (260°C).